A boundless and timeless passion.

Our wine has, year after year, a marked acidity, which keeps it fresh and harmonizes well with the roundness of the wood, where it ages before being clarified, bottled and placed on the market

Le vigne Cantina Biagiotti

The vineyards. The fascination of living things

A place where you can best carry out activities related to production, combining modern technology with the excellence of Lucca which is made up of wine and hospitality, of land and men.

Our wines, our passion

Il nostro vino presenta, anno dopo anno, una marcata acidità, che lo mantiene fresco e ben si armonizza con la rotondità del legno, dove invecchia prima di essere chiarificato, imbottigliato e immesso sul mercato.

Drinking good wine with good food in good company is one of the most civilized pleasures in life

Wine needs its rooms, a real home, where each space takes on specific connotations, based on the function it is intended for.

Cantina Biagiotti

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    +39 335 334528


  • info@cantinabiagiotti.it


  • Via della Billona Traversa IV 69/b, loc. La Cappella 55100 Lucca


L’Evento Degustazione Best Wine Stars 2020 al Palazzo del Ghiaccio a Milano al quale La Cantina Biagiotti sarà presente, è stato rinviato al 2021 con data da stabilirsi.

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