Land, roots, wings

Land is our open-cast home, a starting and arring point at the same time, a recognisable sound if you walk over, crossing it, smelling it. Season after season land comes to life, giving us his fruits as just as we are able to take care of it.

Land feeds not only our hungry mouths but even our eyes: it’s life that comes to life and ask for our strenght, devotion, care, sensitivity and love.


Our ancestorse knew well given that the motto of our Family is “Humilitas in coscientia”, three simple words to remind us the valuable assets they give us to humbly cultivate. For our Family working on land is a way to grow and reach up to the sky.

So do the grave and so we want to go on doing, with all who share this values and want to give themselves an experience to get strong in body and make soul lighter.

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