The vineyard development of Lucca and its territory is closely linked to the history of the city and the intense trade with Europe, particularly with France. The trade of the silk obeyond the Alps has favored the creation of an extraordinary colture and ampelographic heritage which has no equal in Italy and which, along with the olive groves, has shaped a flourishing and lush countryside where the human element lives in harmony with the beauty of a restful, cozy, refined nature.

Rich in minerals, the hills surrounding the city form a natural amphitheater that fights the winds from the North and provides a mild climate throughout the year, perfect for trips between ancient historic homes, small medieval churches, farm villas with parks enclosed by walls that keep stories, fairy tales and suggestive legends.

Moreover, Lucca itself is a small jewel embedded in a sober and elegant landscaping frame that enhances the history, medieval buildings, the atmosphere of a small ancient world on a human scale.

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